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Black Masses with Black Gammon

You asked, we listened! Doomy quakesters Black Gammon have teamed up with Excellent Music Records to release their new album Thirteen. This is something more than likely to impress!

Give it a spin at Bandcamp.

Sunn ■]]] join forces with EMR

Sub-frequency specialists Sunn ■]]] have paired up with Excellent Music Records to release their inaugural manuscript titled Sirupus Aurantii Corticis. Four tracks clocking in at 45 minutes, each song more pulverizing than the last.

Listen to the album at Excellent Music Records or Bandcamp.

Jactus Kecks jacking things off at EMR

You may not know the name Jactus Kecks, but get used to it because you'll be hearing it a lot. This band has completely demolished the local music scene and rebuilt it by hand on a steady foundation of doom, drone and good old rock n roll. After selling out their first album "Sandy Begs" in literally minutes, Jactus Kecks are already well into recording their followup which will be released later this year on Excellent Music Records. Find out more about the band here or download the album for free at Bandcamp.

Noisegrind veterans Anal Aardvark unleash a shitstorm

The name Anal Aardvark is probably not familiar to many of you as none of their music was ever formally released, but now for the first time ever we can present you with the only official Anal Aardvark compilation: A Nest Of Human Shit. 7 tracks of pure terror guaranteed to make even the filthiest of grindcore fans quiver in their boots.

Crank the volume here or over at BandCamp.

Queemn - More Gooder Songs

After years of painstaking recreation, Excellent Music Records are humbled to present Queemn: More Gooder Songs. Words truly cannot describe this unique collection of music, so please, do yourself a favor and take the day off work, lean back in your most comfortable chair with a glass of your finest scotch and let the music overwhelm you.

Spliff Witchard join EMR

Filthy doom rockers Spliff Witchard have released their first EP "The Legend Of Manbeard" through Excellent Music Records. We haven't even had time to update the website before the limited run of CDs was sold out. The Legend Of Manbeard is still available as a free download from Bandcamp and we'll look into getting more CDs pressed in the near future.

Mars CDs now available!

The first album by ambient rockers Mars is now available on CD. The Boys Made Mead In The Kitchen features 2 tracks, clocking in at a meaty 33 minutes, plus one bonus track exclusive to this CD. Visit the contact page or email us at to order.

Bogshitter to headline Download 2012!

Bogshitter have been taking the world by storm and now we're proud to announce that Bogshitter will be headlining the Download Festival 2012 alongside acts such as The Prodigy and Black Sabbath.

Get your band on Excellent Music Records

We now have a working contact page! If you make excellent music then there is a 100% guarantee that you can get signed to Excellent Music Records. Check out the contact page and let us know!

New Pool Germs release

Pool Germs have released their first album titled "seatbeltbuckle". Check it out on their artist page or at their bandcamp.

Jemmy Woolworth

We've been working hard and have finally negotiated a deal with localish singer/songwriter Jemmy Woolworth. If you like songs with both music and singing, Jemmy Woolworth is a must.

Introducing Krang!

We've just signed a new band: Krang. They've only written one song in two years, but still. Check them out here.

New website launched!

If you're reading this then you're viewing the new website of Excellent Music Records! We're really excited about bringing you all the latest and greatest music. You can't contact us just yet because I'm not entirely sure how to get emails working on this server, but be assured there will definitely be an email address or a contact form in the near future.

We're also looking for new bands, so if you want to join us, make sure you get in touch whenever it's working!

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